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The Youth Centre for Skills Development
We have experienced first-hand the negative effect of poverty upon the young people in Kenya; Poor children always don’t finish up with their education or don’t even access the education and training they need to get the knowledge and skills that can help them to become productive members of their community. The lack of access to education means that they will remain ignorant about the issues that affect their livelihoods. The Youth Centre for Skills Development is an alternative being developed to cater for the poverty stricken school drop-outs, unemployed youth to acquire knowledge and skills that can help them to access employment or to start their own enterprises.

The wider idea is to inspire and empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their potential, through training and education, by introducing a number of vocations that suite their ability, interest and supporting them to enter the current competitive job market. In an initial stage and launched in 2018 with the support from the well wishers, the centre is currently offering the youth a variety of computer skills, tailoring Skills hairdressing and beauty skill and Bible Study. This not only give participants an opportunity to; encounter God or acquire positive self esteem but also help to put them in a better position to find employment and lead productive lives in their communities. Classes are open every 3rd week of the month, from Monday to Friday.

Needs of this project
Our current venue was offered to us by our local community for an initial one year period, which was later renewed for more two years ending at the end 2011. This means we have to choose from two options; to stop this vital project at the end of this tenure or we must secure our own premises for this before the tenure ends. Of course we are choosing to secure our own permanent premise, and with the help of friends like you, we are sure we can make it! So we would like to purchase at least 20 acres of land, 10 acres will be used for vocational agriculture, and the remaining 10 acres will be used to elect a training venue comprising a conference room, chapel/connection lounge, toilets, administration wing and the kitchen, to provide a comfortable learning environment for the disadvantaged young people. The good news is that one of the local businesses is offering a prime piece of land for subsidised price – $1000 per acre which is a real value for money. The first phase of construction is also estimated to cost $20,000. Will you help us to raise a total of $35,000 for this vital project?

Other ways you can support this project
We are in need of materials and equipment to maintain more vocations at this centre. You can help more by donating your unwanted sewing machine, catering equipments, sports equipments, projector, video recorder, camera, guitar, drums/percussion set, and key board.


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